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At UNICORD, we are planning on changing the gaming’s tournament industry with our innovative tournament generator, DISCORD bot.

Our platform suggests your community users to create and participate in gaming tournaments independently, hassle-free and as simple as possible.

Providing your community a slik, competative gaming-experience while generating you an additional source of income

Collaborative Success

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At UNICORD we believe in fair partnerships. As our partner, you’ll receive a substantial portion of the profits generated from tournament entries for each user you bring to our platform.

Collaborating with us also means expanding your community outreach , attracting more users to join, enriching both our interersts.

Together, we have the power to create a thriving ecosystem that benefits us all.

so, what are you wating for?

Ready to take your gaming community to the next level?
INVITE our vibrant BOT, list as our partner, and expose your members to competitive gaming like never before.

The ARENA awaits — become part of the UNICORD family today!


UNICORD is essentialy a DISCORD bot designed to create seamless, simple and easy way to set up tournaments in many type of skill based games wihthin your gaming community, rewarding performance with cash prizes.
There are 3 main advantages UNICORD offer:
1. Objectivness is key: we put a lot of effort to create the best possible algorithm to assess the Performance of a player in their respective environment.

2.play on your terms: A tournament is opened upon the user's decision, allowing complete flexibility to play whenever it's most convenient, without tedious searching for participants

3. 0-integration, 100-automation: Once UNICORD is invited to a DISCORD channel, the integration process is complete! Start tournaments with a simple command! Participant Recruitment? how do I know if a tournament is finished? Score assessment? Payouts for the winner? ALL THIS PROCEDURES ARE AUTOMATIC
Just ENROLL|PLAY|EARN! - REPEAT, we will take care of the rest
Inviting UNICORD to your DISCROD server means partnership with us, you'll receive a share portion of the profits generated from tournament entries for each user you bring to our platform.
When UNICORD is invited to DISCORD server, You, the community manager, sign in your PayPal email, initiating the creation of an automated deposit adress.
When a user registers with UNICORD through your server, we promptly capture their Discord ID and Guild ID (indicating the server they originated from). This enables us to efficiently associate the user's tournament revenue share with the community owner. This ensures precise attribution and simplified tracking of earnings
In order to enjoy the goodies UNICORD has to offer, it needs to get ADMIN permissions



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