By using UNICORD, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions in full. If you disagree with these Terms and Conditions or any part of these Terms and Conditions, you must not use the Platform.

In general, UNICORD is a solo-tournament type that allow players to challenge their skills and compete in a series of games against all type of players, each in his respective rank environment.

1. Account Creation and Registration

1.1 By using our Discord bot platform (“the Service”), you agree to create an account and log in to access its features and functionalities. Certain features are available exclusively to registered users.

1.2 To create an account, you must provide us with accurate and current personally identifiable information, as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

1.3 Upon registration, users will be prompted to provide their PayPal account email and start a short authentication process via the game providor (for example, RSO via RIOT for League of Legends).

1.4 The PayPal account email is used as the payout address in case the user have won a tournament.

1.5 Each user is permitted to register only one account per DISCORD server however, a user can participate in multiple tournamernts across different servers simultaneously.

1.6 Games being played while Participating in more than one tournament simultaneously, will be associated with all the respective tournaments that started before the completion of all the games.

1.6 You need to make sure that the information you enter during the registration proccess is accurate.

1.7 Our authentication process verifies user-provided data with the game provider. For instance, in League of Legends (LoL), users are directed to RIOT to confirm ownership of the nickname inserted. Following successful authentication, registration on our platform continues smoothly.

1.8 After finishing the registration procedure once, the user won’t have to fill any more information in order to enroll a tournament.

2. Tournament Participation – GENERAL

2.1. Tournaments organized on our Discord bot platform are classified as games of skill and not games of chance. This classification is due to the following factors:

2.1.1. The outcome of the Tournaments is solely determined by the skill of the participants in the game.

2.1.2. Tournaments have no element of chance.

2.1.3. Rules for assessing tournament results are objective, known to participants before the tournament, and verifiable.

2.1.4. The aim of the Tournaments is to achieve a sporting result through competition of skills, knowledge, reflexes, and real-time decision-making.

2.2. Participation in Tournaments may be subject to an entry fee or may be free of charge, depending on the specific rules of the Tournament. Participation is voluntary, and prizes may include monetary or non-monetary rewards.

2.3. To conduct any payments or transactions on the Service, you must be at least 18 years old and a registered user on our platform.

2.4. Tournaments are intended for casual, non-professional players who are natural persons and do not represent a business entity engaged in professional gaming activities.

2.5. By participating in Tournaments on our platform, you confirm that you are physically located in a jurisdiction where participation in such Tournaments is unrestricted by law.

2.6. By participating in Tournaments on our platform, you confirm that you will pay the taxes based on your regional jurisdiction.

2.7. Employees, subcontractors, persons employed by the company under civil law contracts, and directors of the company are not permitted to participate in Tournaments, except for product development and testing purposes.

2.8. Tournaments are automatically created by our bot based on sufficient demand on dedicated DISCORD servers.

2.9. The tournaments conditions will be displayed to the participants before joining the tournament.

2.10. Tournaments may be canceled under certain circumstances includind, if the minimum number of participants has not been reached.

2.11. Participation in Tournaments is on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants must play the minimum number of matches specified in the Tournament conditions to be listed as Qualified Participants.

2.12. Participants may be removed from Tournaments for violating Terms and Conditions or specific Tournament rules, or if they have not played a qualified match.

2.13. Entry fees for Tournaments are generally non-refundable, except in specific circumstances outlined in these Terms and Conditions.

2.14. Tournament results and prizes are determined based on actual game and server data. Additional verification may be conducted by Tournament Support Team if necessary.

2.15. Games conducted are subject to the terms and regulations of the specific game being played. Therefore, UNICORD is not liable for in-game parameters or processes, such as match-making and role selection. Each player is responsible for their own actions within the gaming platform.

2.16. Participants agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions and the detailed rules of each Tournament displayed on our website

3. Tournament Participation

3.1 By using our Discord bot, integrated within specific servers, users will be enrolled exclusively with other members of the same server.

3.2 To enroll in a tournament, users needs to execute the command “/enroll” in the designated discord’s bot channel.

3.3 To participate in tournaments facilitated by UNICORD, users must purchase an entry ticket.

3.4 for every enrollment session (if there are no available tokens), the user will receive a PayPal payment request link to submit the entry ticket price.

3.5 Entry tickets are non-transferable.

3.6 To get paid, Users needs to provide their PayPal account email address during the registration process.

3.7 After payment approval, the user will be able to start playing his tournament games

3.8 Each tournament must consists and also limited to 4.

3.9 Tournaments is considered “ACTIVE” once all four participants have enrolled, however a user who joined a tournament before all participants have enrolled can start playing his games.

3.10 If a tournament fails to commence within 24 hours of the first participant joining, and the minimum of 4 players is not met, the tournament will automatically close. In such cases, players will retain their entry tokens

3.11 If a game ends prematurely due to an early-SURRENDER (according to RIOT meaning), or if a match ends due to a SURRENDER that occurs before 10 minutes have elapsed since the start of the match, that specific game will not be counted towards the tournament results, thus ensuring fair competition.

3.12 Prizes for tournaments include tokens and cash rewards.

1st: The equivilent entry ticket in USD cash prize, and an entry ticket granting free enrollment.

2nd: an entry ticket granting free enrollment.

3rd & 4th: Win non-monetary prizes (points).

3.13 If a tournament ends without UNICORD assigning the necessary number of participants (a total of 4 players), it will not be considered valid, and players will retain their entry tickets

3.14 A tournament is considered “Finished” either after the time frame has elapsed since the last participant joined or after the minimum number of games has been completed by the last participant to join.

3.15 Players who have completed the tournament matches are eligible to enroll in a new tournament.

4. Tournament Completion

4.1 Tournament completion requires participants to complete the required number of games in solo-ranked mode within a specified timeframe set by the channel manager and known by the user before the enrollment.

4.2 The timeframe for completing tournaments is configurable and subject to change at the discretion of the community manager.

4.3 Participants failing to complete all tournament games within the specified time frame will automatically be eliminated from the competition. Such participants will not be factored into our winning selection algorithm.

4.4 Once the tournament is completed, results will be published in the designated bot channel.

5. Monetary & Non-Monetary Prizes & Tax

5.1. Taxes, if applicable, will be deducted from monetary prizes in accordance with Israel tax regulations. Any other national, provincial, state, and local taxes associated with awarded prizes are the sole responsibility of the prizewinner.

5.2. Monetary prizes will be transferred to the user’s PayPal digital wallet once the tournament is finished

5.3. Rewards can only be paid out to the PayPal digital wallet of the user to whom they were awarded.

5.4. Prizes cannot be exchanged or replaced with another form of reward, and the prize winner is not entitled to transfer the right to the prize to third parties.

5.5. Details regarding the distribution of non-monetary prizes will be displayed on the Tournament’s bot channel.

5.6. All funds and prizes are denominated in USD unless stated otherwise. Any payments made in a currency other than USD will be converted into USD by the payment provider, and currency conversion fees may apply.

5.7 UNIPOINTS are awarded to players who lose thier tokens (3rd and 4th places), serving as valuable in-game currency.

5.8 Players have the option to convert their UNIPOINTS into tournament entry tickets based on the conversion rate established by the server’s policy.

5.9 Conversion rates will be conveniently showcased within every Discord server where UNICORD is integrated.

5. Competition Format and Evaluation Criteria

6.1 Competition Structure:

6.1.1 Each player participating in our platform is competing against other participants in their respective divisions.

6.1.2 It’s important to note that participants are not competing simultaneously in the same game but rather across a series of three independent games.

5.2 Performance Evaluation:

6.2.1 Our platform evaluates participants’ performance based on a series of games played independently by each player in their corresponding division.

6.2.2 To assess performance, our algorithm compares the skills and abilities demonstrated by participants to those of their matchmaking counterparts in each game.

6.2.3 The assessment criteria take into consideration the specific game role of each participant and normalize the statistics accordingly.

6.2.4 This normalization process ensures that participants are evaluated objectively, allowing for a fair comparison of performance regardless of their rank or division.

6.3 Objective Scoring:

6.3.1 Our platform utilizes an objective scoring system derived from the assessment criteria mentioned above.

6.3.2 This scoring system provides an objective measure of each participant’s performance across the three games, facilitating fair and transparent competition.

6.4 Participant Responsibility:

6.4.1 Participants are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the competition format and evaluation criteria outlined in these terms and conditions.

6.4.2 By participating in our competitions, participants acknowledge and accept the rules and guidelines set forth herein.

6.4.3 Decisions made by our platform regarding competition outcomes, performance assessment, participant eligibility, and rule enforcement are final and binding

6.4.4 These terms and conditions are subject to modification or updates at any time without prior notice.

6.4.5 It is the responsibility of participants to regularly review these terms and conditions for any changes.

7. General Provisions

7.1. We reserve the right to modify or terminate the Platform or any part of the Platform at any time without notice.

7.2. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate user accounts that violate these Terms and Conditions or engage in fraudulent activity.

7.3. Users are responsible for any additional fees imposed by PayPal for payment transactions.

7.4. By using the Platform, users consent to our Privacy Policy, which outlines how we collect, use, and disclose personal information.

Lags: Please be advised that UNICORD does not accommodate complaints regarding lag issues. It’s crucial to establish a stable connection; opting for a LAN cable is highly recommended over WiFi for optimal performance.



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