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In this section, discover a comprehensive guide to our Discord commands tailored to optimize your experience with our bot. Learn how to efficiently navigate and utilize our platform’s functionalities




notifications – announce tournament related information such as “ACTIVE” tounaments, tournament winners, etc..

information– present the server policy regard entry ticket price, minimum number of games to complete a tournament, time to complete tournament etc..

Tournament-id – If you spot a Tournament channel among your list of channels, it indicates that you have successfully enrolled in a tournament.

Information Channel:

Tournament Channel:
Upon enrollment in a tournament, you’ll receive an invitation to a unique tournament channel where you can interact with your opponents, monitor the tournament status, and engage in various tournament-related activities



Register allow you to join our Player’s database and unlock access to start participating in tournaments.

Within this command, you are required to provide your PayPal email address where you would like to receive your winnings. Ensuring the accuracy of your email address is crucial to avoid any issues with receiving your awards.

Upon successful registration, you’ll receive a private message containing your exclusive “welcome package,” gifted to our first 50 users as part of our launch event.


Every tournament starts with /enroll within #genetal or #notification channels.

Pick the game you wish to participate on a tournament

Pick the number of tournament entry tickets you wish to purchase

Upon completing the authentication process on RIOT, you will be seamlessly redirected back to our website. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, congratulations, you officially become a Unicord member! Best of luck in all your future tournaments

After successfully completing the authentication process, UNICORD will provide you with a PayPal link.

Upon successful completion of the payment process, you will be redirected to our “Payment Success” webpage.



First time? Register simply adds you to our Player's data-base where we authenticate your game-user and enable you to start participating in tournaments


By enrolling, you apply to be a tournament participant and indicate your intention to compete
This process inclueds a payment procedure via PayPal
Join Tournament


The help command offers guidance on the tournament's rules and regulations, providing documentation to ensure fair play and clarity for all participants.
Tournament Regulations


Upon typing "spectate", users gain access to view all currently active tournaments across the platform.
Manage Your Funds


MYDATA is a command that allows you to view your past tournament participation and performance. Here, you can see the tournaments you've previously participated in, along with your scores, rankings, tokens you have remaining, and total UNIPOINTS earned 
Track Your Progres


Get the server's tournament information such as:
Ticket Price
Minimum number of games per tournament 
Time frame to complete the tournament
Rules and Regulations


With the 'finished' command, tournament participants can efficiently notify UNICORD when their game series concludes
Stay Updated


Monitor participants' progress, including the number of games played and the time remaining to complete the tournament.
Stay tuned


Check your PayPal account registered for THIS specific server.
Please note that this PayPal account is where UNICORD will promptly transfer the winning CASH prize


Use this command to update your PayPal address for collecting the CASH rewards


Have you amassed a substantial amount of UNIPOINTS? With this command, you can convert them into a tournament entry ticket based on your server's pricing
Note: 100 Unipoints = 1$
Your Entry Ticket


By using the 'unsubscribe' command, you'll stop receiving messages from UNICORD at the DISCORD's server.
However, you can reverse this by using the '!ENROLL' command again, as it initiates the tournament assigning process, which necessitates us to inform you via messages."
Not Recommended
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