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Guidelines and Regulations

Welcome to our rules section! Here, we outline essential guidelines for fair, enjoyable, and competitive gaming. From conduct expectations to gameplay mechanics, familiarize yourself with these regulations to make the most of your gaming experience.”

Each tournament is limited to only 4 players to ensure a competitive and manageable gaming experience

Every player must complete the tournament’s games within the specified time frame established on the respective Discord server

Tournament Games must be played in “SOLO/DOU RANNKED” Mode.

In competitive gaming environments where ‘SURRENDER’ options are available,matches concluded via early surrenders—commonly known as ‘REMAKE’ or ‘SURRENDER’ before 10 minutes — do not factor into tournament results.

After each tournament, placments will be published and shared with all the community alongside with their in-game name.

Participants failing to complete all tournament games within the specified time frame will automatically be eliminated from the competition. Such participants will not be factored into our winning selection algorithm.

The token obtained upon purchasing a tournamet ticket is non-refundable and serves as the entry ticket, and cannot be exchanged.

Participants retaining their tokens after the tournament are rewarded based on their performance.

Finishing 1st secures both token retention and a money reward (based on the token value).

securing 2nd place ensures token retention without additional rewards. Tokens are lost by those placing 3rd or 4th.

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