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Welcome to our FAQ page! Here, you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about UNICORD. Whether you’re curious about payment procedures, or product specifications, our FAQ section aims to provide quick and comprehensive answers to streamline your experience. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to our support team for further assistance. We’re here to help!”


UNICORD is essentialy a DISCORD bot designed to create seamless, simple and easy way to set up tournaments in many type of skill based games wihthin your gaming community, rewarding performance with cash prizes.
There are 3 main advantages UNICORD offer:
1. Objectivness is key: we put a lot of effort to create the best possible algorithm to assess the Performance of a player in their respective environment. on your terms: A tournament is opened upon the user's decision, allowing complete flexibility to play whenever it's most convenient, without tedious searching for participants

3. 0-integration, 100-automation: Once UNICORD is invited to a DISCORD channel, the integration process is complete! Start tournaments with a simple command! Participant Recruitment? how do I know if a tournament is finished? Score assessment? Payouts for the winner? ALL THIS PROCEDURES ARE AUTOMATIC
Just ENROLL|PLAY|EARN! - REPEAT, we will take care of the rest
For information on UNICORD's bot commands, just head to the 'DOC' section on our website. 
Click the link above to access it.
To ensure the integrity of UNICORD's features and protect its users from platform abuse, certain eligibility criteria are in place:

Minimum Level Requirement: Only players who have attained Level 40 and above are eligible to access UNICORD features. This ensures that users have a certain level of experience and commitment to the platform before utilizing its advanced functionalities.
Seasonal Verification for League of Legends Players: For League of Legends players, access to UNICORD features is contingent upon completing the seasonal placement games, which involve joining a division within the game. This requirement resets at the start of each new season, ensuring that only active and committed players who have recently engaged with the game are granted access.

By implementing these criteria, UNICORD aims to maintain a high standard of user engagement and protect its community from potential misuse or abuse of the platform's resources.
Inviting UNICORD to your DISCROD server means partnership with us, you'll receive a share portion of the profits generated from tournament entries for each user you bring to our platform.
For more information, check the link above
To review our rules and regulations, simply navigate to the 'RULES' section on our website. Additionally, you can type the command /help in the appropriate channel within the Discord server powered by UNICORD
Of course! UNICORD's ambition is to expand its tournament platform across various popular skill-based games, such as CS:GO, VALORANT, FORTNITE, PUBG, NBA 2K, FIFA, ROCKET LEAGUE, and more. 
By aiming to become the premier tournament hosting platform within the gaming medium, UNICORD is Anticipating to provide comprehensive gaming experiences to a wide audience.
1. Introducing competition for monetary rewards can elevate the level of gameplay by fostering increased discipline, professionalism, and better attitudes among players. Additionally, it can help prevent griefing, promote collaboration, and encourage sportsmanship, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

2. In the case of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games, which are inherently competitive, integrating a reward system for outstanding performance can enhance the overall experience. This system operates on a low-risk, low-reward basis, providing an additional layer of motivation for players to strive for excellence while minimizing potential downsides.


tournaments are generated locally in the DISCORD's server you enrolled from. that means that you will compete only against players from your server's community.
During the registration process, we'll guide you through a seamless authentication procedure on the game provider's site to verify your legitimacy as a player. This step ensures that we can accurately gather the relevant information regarding your performance
The number of games required to complete a tournament is determined by the server's policy, as set by its owners. By default, the minimum number of games is typically set to 3.
Absolutely! You can purchase an Entry-ticket bundle whenever you wish to participate in a tournament
Once you've completed the enrollment process, you're free to begin playing the tournament games.
Yes, we allow it, but please note that games played while participating in multiple tournaments simultaneously will be associated with all respective tournaments that began before completing all the games.
Claiming the top position entails more than just holding onto your token, it also involves earning its equivalent value in CASH (payment via PayPal)
Coming in second retains your token to reroll into a new tournament for FREE. 
Even if you don't secure the top spots, landing in third or fourth earns you UNIPOINTS that can be converted to a tournament entry ticket! 
Smurf is a common phenomenan across Ranked MOBA games
while unfortunatley we has no magic solution we can assure you that even if you competed against a SMURF you will probably won't meet him again and that is why:

1. UNISCORE - player that win by an extensive gap will earn more UNISCORE, and will more offen be enrolled to tournaments with other elite players so it will become harder for them to win tournaments. 
2. Ranked games only - even if a SMURF open an account, in order to participate in UNICORD tournaments it has to reach Ranked  LVL30 (in League of Legends for example)
3. It just doesn't worth the effort - in order to complete a UNICORD's tournament one must gain the highest UNISCORE across a series of minimum 3 games in order to be considered as a winner. if you take the defult cash prize and do the math, it's about 5$/hour
long term wise.. its a lot of effort for a small reward


as soon as the tournament is over, we automatically transfer all the rewards and update you immidietly.
Cash transfer request will be automatically sent to the PayPal account of the winner.
Experience peace of mind with our payment system, backed by the trusted security of PayPal. Your safety is our priority, so you can relax and enjoy your gaming experience knowing that your transactions are safeguarded by PayPal's industry-leading protection measures.
any toubles with payments or payouts? we take it seriously. contact us from the link above
The price of an entry ticket depends on the server's policy, determained by the server's owners.
by defulte UNICORD entry ticket price is 5$


UNISCORE has 2 main roles:
1. UNISCORE is the overall score that UNICORD's algorithm calculate when assesing each participant's performance score thorughout the torunament
2. UNISCORE is also our inner Ranking system that promotes fair matchmaking. By assessing player performance and skill levels within their tiers, it enhances the likelihood of creating tournaments and matches with players of similar skill levels.
UNIPOINTS are awarded to players who lose tokens, serving as valuable in-game currency which players can convert into tournament entry tickets
Each server holds its own policy regarding UNIPOINTS to Entry ticket convertion rate
Fair comparison involves normalizing performance metrics within each tier to account for differences in skill level and competition. By comparing players against their peers within their respective tiers, you ensure that the comparison is contextually relevant and fair.
To compare player performance across tiers, you can normalize performance metrics within each tier, considering factors such as kills, deaths, assists, gold earned, and objective control. This normalization helps to account for the varying levels of competition and skill within each tier
gaming stat-tracking websites, typically assesses a player's performance per game by analyzing various in-game metrics such as kills, deaths, assists, damage dealt, accuracy, objective captures, and other relevant statistics depending on the game. each website has it's own algorithm to assess the overall performance according to its decisions of what's improtant. 
At UNICORD we make a lot of effort to provide the most objective performance score in order to compare players across different roles. 
Our perfomance algorithm combine both universal & role specific critirias
By considering these role-specific factors alongside the general performance metrics, we can gain a more objective understanding of how players in different roles contribute to their team's success.
After each tournament, we publish a link to our website containing players' stats from the tournament's games. This helps everyone see how they did compared to others.
In our evaluation of performance, winning certainly counts within our UNISCORE calculation, but it's just one piece of the puzzle. We prioritize individuals who embody teamwork, actively promote the game, and strategically leverage advantages to contribute to the overall success of the team.

We understand that despite our best efforts, sometimes victory eludes us. However, this doesn't diminish the value of our performance. Even in defeat, if we've executed our strategy well and demonstrated sportsmanship, it's a testament to our skill and dedication.

So, while victory holds significance, it's not the sole measure of success in our approach. We celebrate achievements, collaboration, and the journey toward victory as essential components of our ethos.

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we beileve in continues improvment to provide you the best possible tournament experience.

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