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At UNICORD, We are passionate about bringing gamers together through thrilling tournaments and exciting prizes.nnWith seamless tournament entry directly from DISCORD, Say goodbye to hassle-filled registrations and hello to instant gaming action. nnJoin us wherever, whenever it suits you best, and effortlessly elevate your gaming experience by participating in tournaments today!

― Fair u0026 Square

prioritizing Performance u0026 Skill!

Our scoring system prioritizes performance and skill, as showcased by in-game stats and objective measures. nnYour UNISCORE is calculated through match performance and achievements, guaranteeing a fair and transparent determination of winners

― Fair Play Guaranteed

Level Up Your Game and Win Big

with UNICORD, every match is a chance to shine. nnalways dreamed you can earn from your performance like the PROs? try out play-to-earn platform and test your skills!nnCompete for CASH rewards, earn respect from fellow community members, and most importantly, have a blast along the way.

― Gamification

Play on your terms

With unicord you can play whenever you want. thanks to our match-making algorithm every time is tournament time. nnno more tidieus wait for competitors, just enroll, play and we will match your performance to your relevant opponentsnnWHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

join us and win the games you love

game | set | match!

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